Minimal Space

3rd semester

(Minimal Personal Space)


Brief: To achieve a minimal living space for oneself that would bring out the character of the person. 


Since the space was designed keeping students in mind, the bed was placed on top of the study table which would be suitable for a young active person. Even though the concept of minimal space was applied, space wasn’t compromised on. The design was ergonomically balanced and comfortable. 


The final model was made in 1:10 scale showing the whole space. The living space designed was 83 sq.ft which included a sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom and a work space with the standard of interior design. 

The material used consisted of foam boards of 3mm and 5mm thickness each.


All the elements present in the living space were made by cutting and pasting of the form board. I first drew sketches of layouts and then auto cad drawings according to my body size, proceeded by renders and a physical model.