Elements of Form

4th Semester

(Form Course)


Brief: Creation of forms through various methods such as addition, extrusion and subtraction of different shapes and trying to achieve different results which establish the importance of manipulation. The project was divided into two assignments.


  1. Transition of an alphabet to an animal with gradual change in form- The transition of alphabet Y to Yak took a total of 30 steps. The transition had to be put in to model by laser cutting every piece which provides the uniform change in form


  1. Choosing a particular animal and designing a product targeting children under 10 which would bring form and functionality together- The chosen animal was a butterfly and the final product was a mirror. MDF, MS rods and plastic were used with focus on movement, shape, colour, light and sound. The mirror was designed for girls and the inspiration was ‘chasing butterflies’. Lights were installed in movable antennas and a background LED light to make the users feel special. This project was about creating a whole experience and not just a product.



image-856130616c45dc15fe8a6df6fe84b2b41308b6f1dda2e6191e9bbd64af06a8a2-V copy