Folding Dining Table

6th Semester

(Folding course)


Brief: Make furniture or products by using folding techniques which can help solve a problem.


I chose a dining table because it pervades in every household and despite being a necessity, it kills the most space, especially in apartments or other smaller spaces where it usually requires a whole room. Dining tables aren’t used very frequently for eating and are often substituted as study tables in India. People generally don’t buy dining tables with respect to the number of family members, but invest in a much bigger one for visitors or guests, which is neither economically convenient nor space saving. 


The solution I designed was a dining table for 4 people which would expand in order to accommodate 6 people keeping the average family size in mind and the fact that most dining tables sold in India are 6 seaters. Using sliders, one can slide the table top and make more space. This may be combined with the living room, kitchen or may be a separate room.


The width of the table is reduced to 36 inches from the commonly used 44 inches that is problematic when trying to reach the other end. Because of the size, people also tend to place the table right next to the wall to save space, which results in them not being able to use the space adjacent to to the wall.