6th Semester

(Material Innovation)


Brief: To explore given material using diff techniques in a group project collaborating Furniture Design with Textile Design


Felt is a textile that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibres together. Felt is highly resilient, can retain its strength and is chemical and wear resistant, flame retardant and self-extinguishing. Felt cuts with a clean edge, does not ravel or fray. It is hard enough to turn into a lathe but also soft enough to be sewn. Felt is an excellent sound insulator with superb vibration damping qualities. It also possesses superior thermal insulating properties. Renewability makes wool felt an environmental friendly resource.


While exploring felt we found numerous aspects in which felt can be used, some of which stood out to us, namely- adhesiveness, high moldability, sound and dust absorption, light diffusion, strength, soft texture and warmth, comfortability, environmental friendliness and renewability.


Explorations that we took forward were:

1. The translucency of sandwiching the felt and lamps direction

2. Taking the shape retainable property of felt and separators direction.

4. Dust absorbent , sound absorbent , and comforting features of felt for making furniture.

5.  Combining weaving and felting together to create translucency and opacity at the same time.


Final product idea: Felt space dividers which would consist of a repetitive single unit joined with felted buttons. The benefit of using felt for this product would be its low maintenance as it can absorb dust and also absorb the sound of chaotic spaces.