Photo Frame

Personal Project 



This photo frame uses the mechanism of sliding pictures into slits. More slits may be added depending on the number of photos that are to be framed. The frame has screws that are tightened to reinforce the photo and the frame together to make it stable. Its preferred objective is to be used to display pictures in exhibitions on a temporary basis. 


The product is made out of pine and teak. Pine is used for the frame which is a softwood and light, in addition to its ability to move around easily. The base which is going to be stuck to the wall is made out of teak. Being a hardwood, it has the strength to hold the whole structure together. 


There is a stark contrast between the colours of both the woods. The frame is horizontal so it increases focus and balances out positive and negative space. This product takes photo framing from being confined to a box to a more flexible and dynamic experience.