3rd semester

(Design project)


Brief: To design a home based easy chair with minimum size so that it can be fit even in smaller spaces. The design should have an inspiration from any natural or man-made form. 


Taro is a relaxing chair designed to be used at home specifically in small spaces. It is made out of metal and wood and is therefore lightweight and easily portable. As far as posture is concerned, Taro allows flexibility and stability. Despite dynamic loads it exhibits greater structural strength.


My inspiration arises from the taro leaf which is called ‘arbi’ in Hindi and ‘pan’ in Manipuri. It is a tropical plant primarily grown as a root vegetable for its edible starchy corn and as a leaf vegetable. Taro leaves are heart shaped, bright and deep green and they can span over a foot in diameter. The leaf is supported by thick veins that branch out of the stem. I studied several physical properties of the leaf in order to incorporate them into my chair, such as its centre of gravity and the fact that it looks triangular from the side.


The final product was a 1:5 scale prototype which resembles the furniture designed in terms of material and dimension.