4th semester

(Scrap innovation and fabrication)


Brief: To create a product which is thoroughly made from scrap material. 


The product is an outdoor AC grill chair called Alfresco which is lightweight and can work in a wide variety of spaces. Alfresco is made entirely out of AC grill and its environmental friendly nature reflects in its form and colour choice. It provides comfort and a maintenance free outdoor seating arrangement. The technique used is welding to ensure balanced weight distribution through the legs.

I want to promote sustainable furniture through my chair which I up-cycled from a used AC grill. A general misconception about using scrap in design is the fact that aesthetics or functionality have to be compromised in order to achieve sustainable design. However, I want to bring forward the notion that furniture can be functional, aesthetic, sustainable, symbolic of a big idea and comfortable at the same time through Alfresco.


I have tried to achieve utopia in the furniture world by making it extremely lightweight and simple in order for it to be slot into different seating arrangements. Functionality and comfort are essential in furniture so I have focused on building a strong support system through the legs and striven to make my design ergonomically balanced.